Welcome to the Kia Kima online museum. It documents the history of Kia Kima, the Chickasaw Council, Scouting, and the areas and camps interwoven into Kia Kima's storied history.

Navigating the Museum

The Exhibits tell the stories of Kia Kima and Scouting. These exhibits range from broad overviews of the history to specific topics such as Kia Kima's original camp fraternity (the Council Scouts) or lists of camp directors. For learning the interpretive history of Kia Kima, browse the Exhibits.

Items are things such as documents, images, or videos. These are tagged and sorted into Collections based on topics. For general browsing, view the Collections. For browsing specific topics, view the Items sorted by their tags.

The text of the items are also searchable using the website's search function. This uses uncorrected OCR (automated scanning) of the text of the items.

About the Project

This online museum is a project of the Kia Kima Alumni Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the Kia Kima Alumni Association is to reconnect alumni with Kia Kima; to support Kia Kima Scout Reservation and its staff; and to promote the Scouting program.

For more information about the museum, view the About page.