With over a century of service, Kia Kima has provided countless memories for Scouts and Scouters. In addition to its mission of reconnecting alumni and supporting the reservation, the Kia Kima Alumni Association seeks to preserve the traditions and heritage of Kia Kima.

This online museum is a project of the Kia Kima Alumni Association, and it launched on May 15, 2019. It documents the history of Kia Kima, the Chickasaw Council, and the areas and camps interwoven into Kia Kima's storied history.

Every effort is made to archive documents and photographs with high quality standards; however, some of these sources were initially printed with low quality, especially documents and newsletters that were originally printed in-house by Scouting volunteers. Some of these documents were printed or copied with the edges cut-off, at skewed angles, or with indiscernible photographs.

Items that are under licensing agreements with the Kia Kima Alumni Association are noted on their individual pages. These agreements provide for their use by the Kia Kima Alumni Association solely as part of this historical display.

If you would like to contribute to the museum, please email historical@kiakimaalumni.org. We can also assist with scanning documents and photos to ensure high quality archival versions are created.

Please note that these documents are presented as they existed in their original form for historical accuracy. Some documents may contain racial or culturally insensitive language. Since the beginning in 1916, Scouting in Memphis has been regarded as a pioneer in interracial Scouting and equality; however, it still existed within the context of a segregated South. The materials reflect the culture and context in which they were created and do not reflect the views and principles of the Kia Kima Alumni Association, the Chickasaw Council, or the Scouting movement.